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Elder Abuse & Neglect

Each year, Age Concern’s Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention (EANP) services receive more than 2000 referrals for older people who may be facing elder abuse or neglect. That’s eight referrals every working day. About three quarters of these situations are confirmed to involve elder abuse or neglect.

Often the abuse experienced by an older person involves more than one type of abuse. In cases seen by Age Concern’s Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Services over the last three years:

Abuse is also identified by other agencies including health providers, the Police, lawyers, other community support organisations, and other non-Age Concern Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention services.

What can you do to stop elder abuse?

What does elder abuse look like?

Commonly, several types of abuse occur together. The types of abuse include:

Psychological Abuse - Behaviour causing mental anguish, stress or fear. For example:

Financial Abuse - Illegal or improper use of money, property or other assets. For example:

Physical Abuse - Infliction of pain, injury or use of force. For example:

Neglect - Not providing for physical, emotional or social needs. For example:

Sexual Abuse - Non-consensual sexual acts or exploitive behaviours. For example:

Institutional Abuse - A policy or accepted practice within an organisation that disregards a person’s rights or causes harm. For example: